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Active Directory Domain Services

File Copy over Session improvements! :)

Grumpy Admin here (again), Doesn’t it make you grumpy, that you write a blog post, then directly after you publish it you actually find a better way of doing something you mention in the blog post. Well we all learn stuff don’t we… Finding a better way of doing stuff is what this always about! Little did I know that… Read more →

Nano Nano Join Domain you will!

Good News, UPDATED: check for a better method of sending the nano01 djoin file to the nano server! 🙂 Grumpy Admin passed his CISSP exam, bad news, I have to wait to see if I get endorsed and welcome to become a CISSP! Fingers crossed, or my boss won’t be too happy! Now back to the real world of being… Read more →

The RID Riddle

As ever, I was reading up and revising my latest exam topics – As I failed my last Microsoft Exam, by only a few points, which really made me grumpy! I decided to put some real deep effort in to covering everything in the exam topics! Dam it I want my MCSE! As I was researching more about the DCCloning methods… Read more →