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The Advanced Installer MSI Soup!

Grumpy Admin is Grumpy! We have a very tight IT ship internally, no thanks to me – I recently did a win10 client deployment and locked my users down, so they can’t just install any old stuff they want on the laptops.  Limited to an approved list of software. Software that wasn’t on the base image, is pushed out via… Read more →

Remote Monster Mass Adapter DNS Server updates

Wow – There is something in the air today! For the second time, the boss has asked me a question and it wasn’t would I like more coffee.  He asked me if there was an easy way of changing all the secondary DNS server of all the computers in the network without having to login to each machine! BINGO! Our… Read more →

A Grumpy Update

Grumpy admin – has been very very lazy and hasn’t done any blogging in a few months, so I thought I would write a quick note to say that I am still alive and hope to return after the XMAS holidays with lots more energy and blog posts. While I have been lazy on the blog posting, I been actually… Read more →


Hello, what do you want!  I am the grumpy systems administrator – This is going to be the home of my blog. Read it if you want, don’t not bothered!!!! Who am I, well this is something we can discover together as I blog and post about my adventures as an IT Systems Administrator.  We can explore this wonderful world of… Read more →