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The Execution Policy Decapitation

Grumpy Admin here, I am super grumpy this morning, my second cup of coffee made by another person this morning is horrible and made me think of something that is a bit naughty and mean as I was too polite to complain about my watered down pig swill this morning, so will drink it slow and hope someone offers to make… Read more →

Windows Key + L is for Love!

I used to work in a open plan office, where there were if you left your desk to grab some printing/coffee or to dash to the loo or something without locking your workstation. You would come back to the whole office knowing you are a cross dressing ape loving chav who just emailed the department and that girl you had a crush… Read more →

The Ping Response grumbles…

Not sure if you people have done this, might of experienced this if your server commissioning methods are as backwards as my companies. You are tasked with a server build. You go through the normal methods, of IP address allocation, Naming Convention, Allocate the correct resources that you think it might require, based on the very detailed user requirements given… Read more →

Meh! Password Security what is that!

  We don’t have the best AV or malware protection on the planet. We went cheap  and as Microsoft partner we decided to deploy System Centre Endpoint. As part of the patch Tuesday – I use System Centre Configuration Manager to deploy my patches on our own internal IT system not our customers systems that we are paid large amounts… Read more →