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Chrome covered Kali

TLDR – Create sudo user in Kali Linux, so Google Chrome works with sandbox mode enabled Hey Everyone, I’m a Windows guy! I used Windows, administered Windows, developed on Windows – Windows is how I pay my bills.  I also touch Linux and some security stuff, and as you know these two things cross over quite a bit. At least… Read more →

Chrome Posh-it Behind the Password Dump Door!

Grumpy Admin is lazy, we all know he is lazy – no one more than his partner! So like a large portion of the internet world Grumpy Admin uses Chrome and uses the save password options in chrome. Yes I agree that perhaps I should use lastpast or something else… but did I mention I am lazy! But security is… Read more →

KeePass + Password File + PowerShell = Brute Force Attack Goodness

PowerShell and KeePass Brute Force Password Reclamation Happy New Year from Grumpy Admin! Well now the nice holiday season is over, coming back to work with a thump is not nice…. it just makes me grumpy. I was a bit busy before the holiday, so I did not get to write this to how I wanted to, so I thought… Read more →

PowerShell GPO Transex….transcripts!

I love PowerShell – I have a blog about PowerShell!  I not been doing much cause of different projects and things in life drawing me away for a couple of month! So once again sorry about the Gap, but my Daughter Ava is worth it! I got asked a question today, which lead me right to my PowerShell prompt! “Grumpy… Read more →

Password1! are you kidding me!!! mimikatz do your thing!

Grumpy Admin Here, you know when someone says something, and you like… are you serious… typically they say these things out of lack of understanding. So here is a very very quick blog to start the day off!!! Maybe I was just grumpy and tired… but when I was told… just use” Password1”! as an service account password for a… Read more →

Sure about SecureString???

Grumpy Admin here. Security is not a dirty word Blackadder! I expect we have all seen cases where at some point or the other we had a script that need to do something and need Admin Credentials. Where there is a wonderful line at the start of the script saying! $PASSWORD =”Password1!” This is bad, very bad! I cringe when… Read more →

God EMET!, where is my Exploit!

Grumpy Admin, has been working through addressing the issues I discovered in my recent security audit.  This in itself makes me grumpy. Meh, fixing stuff that was caused by other people not thinking.  I expect there some people out there thinking the same about me! Meh! We all have to grow and learn right??? Then them horrible words any employee… Read more →

Making a HASH of things… Powershell Style

Grumpy Admin, had to send a Excel file external yesterday. And as he is all for information assurance I decided that I would include a HASH with it, so that people know it was the file they were expect and not some raging office file infected with a macro type STD! Where is condom.msi when you need it!!! Well lucky for me… Read more →

Virus! Virus! … false alarm Mondays :evil chuckle:

Grumpy Admin, is super grumpy today – he didn’t sleep well and coming to work on a Monday morning, makes me grumpy and sad! Doesn’t that make you grumpy and sad as well?  So don’t expect my productivity from this camp today! The last couple of days, have been a trying time. I decided to do an IT security audit… Read more →

The Time-Warp Function

Grumpy Admin is a typical administrator, sometimes something goes wrong and well you need to hide your tracks against a casual manager finding an unauthorised and useful utility on your system such as putty.exe. Computers don’t lie do they! So if the file was downloaded and last accessed on a day when you were “out of the office“. We are… Read more →