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Password1! are you kidding me!!! mimikatz do your thing!

Grumpy Admin Here, you know when someone says something, and you like… are you serious… typically they say these things out of lack of understanding. So here is a very very quick blog to start the day off!!! Maybe I was just grumpy and tired… but when I was told… just use” Password1”! as an service account password for a… Read more →

Posh “lookup” on DNS management

Grumpy Admin, was asked today to just do one of them simple management tasks in a domain that you don’t think nothing of. Add an A record to a DNS zone. Been doing this for years, so quite simple, you just load up the DNS management tool on the Server. Find the correct zone, ‘right click add new record’. Enter… Read more →

The RegEx Headache!

Grumpy Admin Here – I am still facing an uphill battle at the moment, the urge to slap certain people or push them down a lift shaft followed by petrol and a match is getting increasingly hard to resist. Enough about my ex-wife! The same can be said about certain people and their PowerShell. No PowerShell is bad PowerShell, it… Read more →

Start Screen Layout Rhetoric

Doesn’t it not make you grump when people fail to adapt and change with the times in IT. Where the IT decision makers are informed and make choices based on methodologies that are older than MySpace. Hell they might not have noticed the passing of geocities they are that old and set in their ways! I expect in a few… Read more →

BMP to JPG the PowerShell way!

Grumpy Admin Here – When I am writing documentation or blog posts. My tool of choice for screen captures is Microsoft OneNote. It a great little tool, I have all my engineering notes, and screenshots inside it. I think it actually very useful, searchable and I can store, lots of different content types, from files, emails to screenshots. Due to… Read more →

Sure about SecureString???

Grumpy Admin here. Security is not a dirty word Blackadder! I expect we have all seen cases where at some point or the other we had a script that need to do something and need Admin Credentials. Where there is a wonderful line at the start of the script saying! $PASSWORD =”Password1!” This is bad, very bad! I cringe when… Read more →

STACK of PowerShell usefulness

Grumpy Admin here, understands this core concept of IT.  A secret I shall now share with you, well I don’t think it so much of a secret so much as a truth. In IT there are often many way of doing and achieving the same thing. You can use a GUI or Cmdline tool. Multiple methods of configuring the same… Read more →

God EMET!, where is my Exploit!

Grumpy Admin, has been working through addressing the issues I discovered in my recent security audit.  This in itself makes me grumpy. Meh, fixing stuff that was caused by other people not thinking.  I expect there some people out there thinking the same about me! Meh! We all have to grow and learn right??? Then them horrible words any employee… Read more →

All a BITS crazy here!

Grumpy Admin isn’t grumpy today, he is freaking fuming.  Personal Life, meh! If only life came with MAN pages Get-Help Life   The internet in the office is also totally broken at the moment, it is slower than dial-up modem. Personally, I find there is a correlation to the when the guy the other side of the office arrives and… Read more →

A Grumpy Module

So following on from my blog post about Hashes, we are going to make generate a hash code in to something more reusable in PowerShell. It makes me grumpy when I can’t reuse code… at the end of the day scripting is there to make life faster right! Grumpy Admin is lazy! So let make that HASH generating code more… Read more →