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Get-Sentiment – Kinda Negative

Happy Monday fellow administrators, Well the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but that doesn’t stop twitter! And bored administrators who don’t really want to do any work! I follow quite a few PowerShell type people on twitter and spot lots of cool stuff often I bookmark something and say hey that will be neat I want to… Read more →

Select * from … wait… i’m not a dba!

Doesn’t it make you grumpy when you sat in front of terminal and there someone asks you what a certain acronym in IT is… for example… Grumpy Admin what does SCSI actually mean…. I am actually quite a bit of a geek when it comes to IT acronyms and I normally fire off a reply with such authority that they… Read more →

Slow Traffic……

Nothing destroys Grumpy Admins happiness levels, than traffic on a Friday trip home! Set the scene, it’s POETs day, you finish work, you dance happily out of the office and get in to your car, leave the car park and bang! You are almost stationary in traffic! Grrrr You curse your GPS and you scream at Google Now, for not reporting… Read more →

The Time-Warp Function

Grumpy Admin is a typical administrator, sometimes something goes wrong and well you need to hide your tracks against a casual manager finding an unauthorised and useful utility on your system such as putty.exe. Computers don’t lie do they! So if the file was downloaded and last accessed on a day when you were “out of the office“. We are… Read more →

That Cursed Cursor….

While it isn’t April Fools yet – I been in a playful mood today, and while I was surfing the web my mouse kept playing up. I asked how do I get a new shiny mouse? I can’t, if it ain’t broken it won’t be replaced. This makes me grumpy. When I was just about to jump up and down on… Read more →

Why speak your mind when ….

You can get your computer to do it for you!!!! Now we all know the Grumpy IT Admin, is a lazy admin – when I did my Root Cause Hot Potato code it was quick and simple  – There was a step of automation that I had forgotten. We all know the Grumpy Admin is all for automation as it… Read more →

The Root Cause Hot Potato

Servers crash, it is part of being in IT – and with server crashes, there is always the management sticking us Grumpy (and sometimes old) IT Admins in to the stirrups and asking deep probing questions about our sexuality infrastructure and asking for ROOT Cause. You can spend hours, searching for log files, and looking up error codes on Google… Read more →