Author: Hazzy

The Advanced Installer MSI Soup!

Grumpy Admin is Grumpy! We have a very tight IT ship internally, no thanks to me – I recently did a win10 client deployment and locked my users down, so they can’t just install any old stuff they want on the laptops.  Limited to an approved list of software. Software that wasn’t on the base image, is pushed out via… Read more →

PowerShell on Linux – No Joke… seriously….

Hey People! Wow – Grumpy Admins boss, must read his blog! Cause they have been keeping me busy with actual work which means blogging has taken a back seat! I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment, I am doing some very interesting stuff, but stuff I can’t really make a blog out of without compromising… Read more →

Get-Sentiment – Kinda Negative

Happy Monday fellow administrators, Well the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but that doesn’t stop twitter! And bored administrators who don’t really want to do any work! I follow quite a few PowerShell type people on twitter and spot lots of cool stuff often I bookmark something and say hey that will be neat I want to… Read more →

DSC – Our New Overlord – Series Introduction

One of the biggest problems I have is to try and convince people that adopting new methods and setting up the infrastructure to automate things and make things easier in the long run and is an all-round money saver. What would you rather do, spend hours deploying a server, or click a couple buttons and puff, the server is cloned… Read more →

PowerShell GPO Transex….transcripts!

I love PowerShell – I have a blog about PowerShell!  I not been doing much cause of different projects and things in life drawing me away for a couple of month! So once again sorry about the Gap, but my Daughter Ava is worth it! I got asked a question today, which lead me right to my PowerShell prompt! “Grumpy… Read more →

Hello World

Hey Everyone, Sorry I’ve not posted in an age!  I hopefully will once again get back to regular blogging soon! So much exciting stuff to do and talk about! What has Grumpy Admin been doing that has kept him from blogging! with the output being this 🙂 Hope you guys understand….. Read more →

Win 10 Notification Toasting for your daily bread!

Grumpy Admin here, is it the weekend yet? I wish… Over the last few days I’ve been doing some work for a mate. Nothing exciting but it has been keeping me out of trouble and away from doing actual work! Cause doing what I’m paid to do just isn’t the British way of working! The plus side of doing a… Read more →

Remote Monster Mass Adapter DNS Server updates

Wow – There is something in the air today! For the second time, the boss has asked me a question and it wasn’t would I like more coffee.  He asked me if there was an easy way of changing all the secondary DNS server of all the computers in the network without having to login to each machine! BINGO! Our… Read more →

A POSH EWS Calendar

Grumpy Admin here – as we know Grumpy admin isn’t one to not accept a challenge – Where it is legal and sensible.  The challenge of introducing my ex-wife to an industrial sized wood chipper was sadly rejected after a long hard consultation! I can’t create or enter a pssession from jail! Grumpy Admin has been doing some work for… Read more →

The LS Thumping

Hello People, Grumpy Admin – The boss asked me a question and it was one of them simple things that make you want to go ninja and take an axe to the server room and perform some quality BOFH murder on people!  You won’t like Grump Admin when he is tried and has a lack of coffee in the morning!… Read more →