Author: Hazzy

Grumpy Admins WAC’s out a Review!

Grumpy Admin here, yes it is me! Apologies for like just going 404.  The day job has taken up a lot of my time recently, and a lot of my time has been on non-windows systems and documentation and design and security work.  This combined with a young growing family and some excellent films being released. Has resulted in a… Read more →

404 Grumpy Admin not Found…. ah there he is….. 200… 200 people!!!

Hey All, Wow it been such a long time since I have blogged, this has made Grumpy Admin… well, Grumpy. It a useful outlet and provides a method of allowing me to focus, while sharing solutions to things that make me Grumpy! I think you all (all 4 people that read my blog) deserve an explanation and perhaps some promises… Read more →

Chrome covered Kali

TLDR – Create sudo user in Kali Linux, so Google Chrome works with sandbox mode enabled Hey Everyone, I’m a Windows guy! I used Windows, administered Windows, developed on Windows – Windows is how I pay my bills.  I also touch Linux and some security stuff, and as you know these two things cross over quite a bit. At least… Read more →

Chrome Posh-it Behind the Password Dump Door!

Grumpy Admin is lazy, we all know he is lazy – no one more than his partner! So like a large portion of the internet world Grumpy Admin uses Chrome and uses the save password options in chrome. Yes I agree that perhaps I should use lastpast or something else… but did I mention I am lazy! But security is… Read more →

KeePass + Password File + PowerShell = Brute Force Attack Goodness

PowerShell and KeePass Brute Force Password Reclamation Happy New Year from Grumpy Admin! Well now the nice holiday season is over, coming back to work with a thump is not nice…. it just makes me grumpy. I was a bit busy before the holiday, so I did not get to write this to how I wanted to, so I thought… Read more →

A bit like Lego – MS Nano Server Build Tool

Hey People, Its grumpy admin here! OMG – so tired, lots of things have been happening and going on in my world – My CISSP endorsement came through, so now apparently I’m a cyber-security professional… never mind… it feels good to be part of club! ha ha ha not really, we all know it’s a HRFirewall bypass qualification really, but… Read more →

File Copy over Session improvements! :)

Grumpy Admin here (again), Doesn’t it make you grumpy, that you write a blog post, then directly after you publish it you actually find a better way of doing something you mention in the blog post. Well we all learn stuff don’t we… Finding a better way of doing stuff is what this always about! Little did I know that… Read more →

Nano Nano Join Domain you will!

Good News, UPDATED: check for a better method of sending the nano01 djoin file to the nano server! 🙂 Grumpy Admin passed his CISSP exam, bad news, I have to wait to see if I get endorsed and welcome to become a CISSP! Fingers crossed, or my boss won’t be too happy! Now back to the real world of being… Read more →

CISSP my brain is crispy

Grumpy Admin here!   OMG my brain is hurting.  This week has been hard! Grumpy admin, through his own stupidly did a decent business case to his manager and got his self a place on a CISSP course. Now, after due consideration it was decided that I should attend a boot camp, the first camps we looked at were cheap… Read more →

Tiny IIS – well Some Win2016 Nano Action!

Grumpy Admin here! It’s one of the simple things in life in IT operations, as most applications are now “web apps” or require websites for things! I often get asked to quickly deploy an IIS web server, and copy a static html files for it, or install something or other blab la bla… you know the score and  there a… Read more →